“ VAHAN” Life Saver Hard Armor

Our bullet-proof monolithic Nanostructured Perlite Glass- Ceramic and Composite Ceramic Armor could provide the best possible protection against rifle and multi-hit threat, suitable to be used by law-enforcement and military defense applications. It's placed in an integral front and back pocket of the vest outer cover. It is constructed from special ceramic tiles backed with high-energy impact absorbing material which maintains the integrity. The bullet would be decelerated, fragmented and deformed by the insert plate and any fragments are captured in the soft armor behind the plate, while minimizing blunt trauma. It is composted by front and back panels:

1) Front layer is made of special Nanostructured Perlite Glass- Ceramic or/and Composite materials plates;

2) Back layer is laminated by multi-layers of UHMW PE UD or other ballistic fabric, being a solid pack, it offers structural strength and multi-hit capacity.

We can make the bullet-proof surfaces of different dimensions according to different standards.

Front Ballistic
Armor Panel

Back Ballistic
Armor Panel

Side Ballistic
Armor Panel

Ballistic Shields

Armored Vehicles